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PHP with CI/ Laravel Framework provides Web Application Development like no other technology, it is much more advanced, dynamic and an opportunistic approach in the field of Web Development. We train the students basic to advanced web applications design and development with CI/Laravel Framework.

You will Learn:
PHP Programming, OOP's Concept, PHP Installation, Database Connectivity with MySQL, Web Designing, Web Hosting etc.

Anch Technologies, Web Application development in Lucknow
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Since Java is in high demand in international market, we focus on training our trainees the main points of focus in Java. Anch's JAVA with JSP course helps our trainees to gain expertise in Java along with Java Server Pages, making the course much advanced and dynamic.

You will Learn:
Core Java, Advanced Java, Servlet, Packages, Multi-threading, Applets, Exception Handling, Collection Framework, JSP, etc

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Anch's .Net with MVC Course is designed to give students the knowledge on one of the topmost technologies of the world. .Net has been around since years and will continue to do so in near future, hence having skills on this tehnology along with MVC will not only make the students skilled but also high-level experts.

You will Learn:
C# Programming Langauge, ASP.Net,Database Connectivity with ADO.Net, Database Connectivity with Entity Framework, Concept of .dll File etc.

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Anch Technologies, E-Commerce Application solutions and development in Lucknow

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Anch's Android course focuses on giving the trainees high quality training on Android, starting wih Java so that they become skilled professionals. The training is imparted in such a manner that the trainees are able to develop Android application on their own.

You will Learn:
Core Java, Android Installation, Android Studio, Android Basics, Android Libraries, Android Application Design, Android Applicaion Development, Application Hosting, etc.

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Anch's Python with Machine Learning helps he trainees to learn the basic concepts of IOT and their implementation using Python Programming. The modules of this course covers all the theoritical and practical knowledge needed by one to learn and implement machine learning.

You will Learn:
Python Basics, Machine Learning with Raspberry-pi, ML Fundamentals, Tree Classifiers, Random Forest Classifiers, Model Building, Model Validation etc.

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Anch Technologies, Desktop Application development in Lucknow

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We are the best providers of PERL Training in Lucknow with expert guidance and fully interactive classes. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions. Perl is a high level programming language developed for the text manipulation. But, today, it is used for various tasks including web development, system administration, Bioinformatics, games, GUI development and network programming.

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